Desert Eagle
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Assault Rifles are widely-used weapons in Rules of Survival. They are likely to be found everywhere and use the Rifle Ammo for ammunition. Attachments may vary in each guns.

Assault Rifle List

Image Name Damage Mode(s) Attachment(s) Ammunition
M4A1 M4A1 N/A Single & Auto 5 Rifle Ammo
AKM AKM N/A Single & Auto 3 Rifle Ammo
AR15 AR15 N/A Single & Auto 4 Rifle Ammo
AN94 AN94 N/A Single & Auto Rifle Ammo
M14EBR M14EBR N/A Single & Burst 3 Rifle Ammo
ACR ACR N/A Single & Auto Rifle Ammo
AUG AUG N/A Single & Auto Rifle Ammo
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