Rules of Survival
RoS Week 14 Update
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Season 1 will officially begin after the maintenance! The Season 0 will end. All data relating to players' season ranking and points will be reset.
As a thank you for participating, players will receive different amounts of gold based on their highest ranking during the season 0 after the maintenance. Gold Ranked players and above will receive a special Beta outfit. After the beginning of the new Season, Ranks and Stats data will be reset and begin recording Season 1 data.

  1. New Content
    • Added a new vehicle Battle Jeep that can hold up to 5 players. Players in particular seats can shoot with Vehicle-mounted MG using rifle ammo.
    • Now players can shoot and jump during glider flights. Players in particular seats can shoot with Gilder-mounted MG using rifle ammo.
    • Now players can view their opponents' information after being killed.
    • New classic supplies where you may draw the Rosy Comet, a highly prized vehicle.
    • New fashion collection is at the store. New special packs are available at the same time as well.
    • Added a valuable firearm camo AR15 Ice Dragon. You can buy directly from Looks or go to the Packs page under the store to get it from the AR15 Ice Dragon Pack.
    • New advanced supplies are now available.
    • To make it easier for players to get the items, certain styles in the Looks and Store pages will show how the items can be obtained.
  2. General Experience
    • Added a button for switching seats when players on a hovership.
    • Optimized background of vehicle display.
    • Adjusted the damage caused by mines, and reduced the probability of immediate death.
    • Optimized the display logic of the team's nameplate during battles, and lowered the power consumption.
    • Added a button to shoot with the left hand on the vehicle machine gun.
  3. Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the camera issue where the lens has failed to move in certain instances when watching a battle.
    • Fixed the system freeze issue after the motorcycle has been overturned.
    • Fixed the issue where players are brought directly back to the lobby when they are in the midst of watching a battle due to a network disconnection and reconnection.
    • Fixed the invalid button behavior that may surface at the tier page.
    • Fixed the abnormal flight of the glider wings.
    • Fixed the system freeze issue when player is trying to jump to another window.
    • Fixed the issue where the displays were inconsistent with shooting through walls, and some sheltered scenes.
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