Rules of Survival
RoS Week 15 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. New Content
    • Added "Scan to Add Friend" and "Find Friends Nearby" for players to easily add friends around.
    • Added a scope function to the gyro in the mobile version. Players can go to Settings to turn on the scope function, and adjust the scope sensitivity for the gyro.
    • Added actions when the SMG is used.
    • Added WRO, QBU88, AN94, and VECTOR drops in Ghillie Island, as well as M1887, Thompson, and M14EBR drops in Fearless Fiord.
    • Added a new vehicle, Battle Jeep, in Ghillie Island.
    • Added a guide at the login interface to help player file an appeal after a penalty has been imposed on the player.
    • Closed the Zombie mode.
  2. General Experience
    • Expanded the anti-cheating detection range, and strengthened the anti-cheating measures at the PC clients.
    • Optimized a small section of the memory.
    • Improved the stability of the Battle Jeep and Glider Machine Gun.
    • Modification where the real-time voice is not closed automatically if the player is in a team when the player exits the battle.
    • Used highly accurate character models in spectation.
  3. UI
    • Optimized the performance of Find Friends Nearby, QR code, and hyperlink to add friends.
    • Removed the system entry to the Activity on the left, and moved it to the event panel (for events with time validity).
    • Optimized the loading speed of Search and Personal Space to reduce data costs.
    • Optimized the dynamic effects when the player claims the treasure box in the activity points system.
    • Optimized the icon presentation of the Battle Jeep and Glider Machine Gun.
  4. Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the problem of inaccurate location after the player has tapped on the region for the first top-up when the PC client is in the full screen mode.
    • Fixed some of the problematic gear locations in Ghillie Island, including issues like gear could not be picked up or was suspended in mid-air.
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