Rules of Survival
RoS Week 16 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. New Content
    • Players can now vault through windows.
    • Increased the max. number of players to 160 for Fireteam Mode in Fearless Fiord.
  2. General Experience
    • Increased the maximum visible range of characters in Fearless Fiord. Maximum visible range is modified in settings. Default setting is highest value.
    • During free fall, after exiting the glider, players can choose the opportune moment to deploy their parachute.
    • Increased image quality of the points at which trees meet game models to accurately stop bullets.
    • Optimized the handling of sports cars, SUVs, trucks, and battle jeeps.
    • Optimized the camera angle during free fall.
    • Pickup list now displays the quantity of items.
    • Time in the Prep Zone has been changed to 80 seconds.
    • Memory optimized in five areas.
  3. UI
    • Optimized information prompts in the "Friends" panel.
    • Optimized personal homepage.
  4. PC Version
    • Improved anit-hack measures.
    • Significant improvement in the visible range of characters.
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