Rules of Survival
RoS Week 17 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. New Content
    • The RoS World Championship (RWC) finals will be held in Shanghai on March 24, where competitors from China, the United States, Thailand, Germany, Philippines, Russia and Ukraine will battle it out to win the championship and grand prize of USD 500,000. Players can watch the competition live in the game, and check out the exciting performances from competitors the world over.
    • During the RWC global finals, players can predict game results and win generous prizes for correct predictions.
    • Blitzkrieg Mode option added for battles. Available only in Solo Mode on the Fearless Fiord map, and is limited to 40 players per round. Each game generally lasts less than 10 minutes. Players can only parachute into the Safe Zone, which is randomly selected on the map. Players are provided with the following equipment when they land: 30 Desert Eagle bullets, beginner backpack, beginner bulletproof helmet, and beginner body armor. Blitzkrieg Mode reduces the time in each Safe Zone, and accelerates the pace of the game. There is no Red Zone in this mode but item refresh, parachute and air-drop mechanisms are still the same. Ranked Game points are not available in Blitzkrieg Mode.
    • Red Packets added. Players can scatter this item in the game for others to pick up. You can exchange red packets picked up for rewards once the game has ended, but players who leave the game whilst still in the Prep Zone will not be entitled the rewards.
    • Friends Rankings added.
    • Added sort and filter options on the Looks and Store interfaces.
  2. General Experience
    • Optimized matching algorithm to improve matching speed and corrected the method used to calculate the total number of players waiting for a match to exclude players who are currently in the Prep Zone.
    • Resolved issues concerning freezing and memory.
    • Lean button is concealed when the player is crawling.
    • Optimized vehicle handling by increasing the differentiation between forward and reverse driving, and the friction coefficient of tires on different types of terrain.
    • Optimized the action of jumping through windows. The character will now leap rather than standing erect when jumping out of windows of a high-rise buildings.
    • Optimized the sound and button effects for the add friends and mail systems.
    • Optimized system mail.
  3. UI
    • Optimized the Tune interface for vehicles with added dynamic effects. The order for interface tags in the Workshop has been modified.
    • Optimized report page by adjusting how players that can be reported are listed.
    • Optimized adaptive parameters of the Lobby to be compatible with iPhone X and other phones with similar specifications.
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