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RoS Week 19 Update
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Attention: Unlike previously, this week we would go through another maintenance to update our special Easter Patch. The maintenance has been shifted up to Sunday, April 1st. Please plan accordingly. The next update will occur on Wednesday, April 4th. This week's update will include the following new content:

  1. New Content
    • Added a nuclear weapon. You can use the nuclear weapon on the island to unlock a new map - Waste Land
    • In celebration of the Year of the Dog, all the players will become dogs for 10 mins at 12 AM UTC on April 1st.
    • Increased number of cargo planes for parachuting to a total of 4.
    • Resurrection: You can find a new special item, "Bunny", from the Air Drop and use it to bring your dead teammate back to life.
    • Crouch on top of a player's corpse crate for 2 minutes and you can hatch a special grenade "Egg" that deals double damage.
    • On April 1st, if you share the game with your friends you get a chance to crack eggs to win either a mighty hammer or gold.
    • Killing your teammates will double your HP.
    • Added a new vehicle "Super Tank" in Ghillie Island- Jump three times at Power Station and type "HAKUNA MATATA" in the chat, and you unlock the Super Tank.

Rules of Survival is getting into the Easter spirit! Have fun players!

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