Rules of Survival
RoS Week 1 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. What’s New:
    • Added a gold system. After a player finishes a match, the system will issue gold as a reward based on the player's performance in the match. Gold can be used to purchase various garments.
    • Added an appearance system. Currently, only the character wardrobe is available. All garments affect appearance only and have no impact on character stats.
    • Added a share function. Players can now share their personal results. Please re-download the client to use this function.
  2. Gameplay Optimization & Bug Fix
    • Optimized the game performance and increased fluency.
    • Fixed the issue that caused buttons to disappear when reconnecting to the game.
    • Fixed the invisible player with visible weapon issue.
    • Adjusted vehicle handling and control.
    • Increased safe zone shrinking time.
    • Decreased damage received outside the safe zone.
    • Increased effect time of airdrop; red smoke is now more obvious.
    • Guns now automatically reloads after picking up suitable ammo.
    • Lowered recoil and bullet dispersion when crouched or in a prone position.
    • Lowered the recoil and bullet dispersion of the M249 (supplied by airdrop) when crouched or in a prone position.
    • Players now automatically swim if their vehicle enters deep water.
  3. UI
    • Adjusted the sound prompt UI. Removed the final three sound prompts UI for safe zone shrinking.
    • Canceled the UI of sound prompts for crouching, punching and moving with weapons.
    • Moved the backpack icon to near the Quick Meds.
  4. Sound Effects
    • Improved the volume of footsteps.
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