Rules of Survival
RoS Week 20 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. New Content
    • The Water-Sprinkling Festival mission now available for a limited period of time! Complete this mission to receive gold and Elite Supply Tickets;
    • Water-themed paint jobs for firearms are now available. With this paint job players can join in on the festivities;
    • The M32 grenade gun, a primary weapon, has been added. Available now in airdrops;
    • AWM is no longer available in airdrops, but players are still able to pick up this item in the game;
    • Added Damascus Knife, a cool new weapon that players can pick up in the game;
    • Added new arena rankings and arena results page for Gold Mode;
    • Added a share function to rankings;
    • Added a Four-season Weather System in combat. Please download the latest version to enable this feature and experience seasonal variation in combat. This feature won't be enabled via patches;
  2. General Experience
    • Optimized sound effects when a lower configuration is used;
    • Added the Doppler effect to sound effects to improve the sound performance of moving objects;
    • Adjusted the relevant parameters for swimming. It is now easier for players to begin swimming, which has resolved the issue of players crouching in water to hide themselves;
    • Improved the visibility of prompts when the Safe Zone is refreshed and reduced visual obstacles;
    • Improved anti-hack detection;
    • Optimized memory usage;
    • Firearms equipped with special skins taken into the Prep Zone are loaded;
  3. Bug Fixes
    • The issue where a character's 'Heritage' may be found floating in the air has been resolved;
    • The issue where games crash when players chat during a battle has been resolved;
    • The issue of the results page appearing when friends spectate battles has been fixed;
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