Rules of Survival
RoS Week 22 Update
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As the S1 season ended, and S2 begins, the data in the ranking charts for the ranked games will be wiped clean. All data in the current season tab of the results page will be cleared. A battle history tab is added, and all data that are not related to the current season will be transferred to this new tab. S0 rewards that have not been claimed will be sent to the players by mail. For S1 players, their rewards will be based on the highest tier they have achieved during the season:

  • Tier Master: 50 Advanced Supply Tickets, Tropical Storm (S1 commemorative set), S1 Master Badge;
  • Tier Diamond: 33 Advanced Supply Tickets, Tropical Storm (S1 commemorative set), S1 Elite Badge;
  • Tier Platinum: 25 Advanced Supply Tickets, Tropical Storm (S1 commemorative set);
  • Tier Gold: 16 Advanced Supply Tickets, Tropical Storm (S1 commemorative set);
  • Tier Silver: 8 Advanced Supply Tickets;
  • Tier Bronze: 5 Advanced Supply Tickets;
  1. New Content
    • First person view added. Players can freely change between first and third person views after downloading first person resources.
    • Added country-based rankings.
    • The World Arena game mode is finally here. Players from the same country can team up to battle and defeat opponents from other countries. Glory and honor to the homeland! (Available from Apr. 18; Season 1 begins April 23)
    • Live broadcast function is now available. Players can watch live streams online, as well as exciting performances by teams competing at the World Arena.
  2. General Experience
    • The posture of the player's character in the lobby has been modified.
    • Ambient sound effects added.
    • Item refresh mechanism on the Fearless Fiord map has been modified, slightly reducing the total amount of items dropped.
    • Optimized several areas that are prone to freezing.
    • The lobby has been optimized.
  3. UI
    • Dimension of the lobby profile picture has been modified.
    • Display showing the time remaining for time-limited items has been added to the looks interface.
  4. Bug Fixes
    • Resolved issue where an error involving time-limited items caused inability to login.
    • Problem where the icon above a teammate's head would not be displayed has been resolved.
    • Resolved look errors for the Bunny Girl, Red Wukong and Echo Valley Champion hairstyle.
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