Rules of Survival
RoS Week 23 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. New Content
    • Added a Bumper Pack. Each player is entitled to buy only once in the game. Hurry, huge rewards waiting for you!
    • Training Manual feature added. Training manuals are linked to a particular season and is only valid during that season.
    • 2 missions may be assigned to a player each day, with a maximum queue of 3 pending missions. Should the total number of pending missions equal 3, players will be unable to receive new tasks. Players earn training points used to level up upon completion of a mission. When a player levels up they will receive corresponding rewards in the Distinction tab. Players can also purchase special distinctions to get amazing rewards to help them level up.
    • The training manual contains a claimable special pack that contains look shards for exclusive suits and stickers.
  2. General Experience
    • Characters now retract their weapons when close to walls;
    • Optimized the actions and performance of characters when in third person view;
    • Optimized actions when switching firearms;
    • The Look page will now filter clothing based on the character's current gender;
    • The 'Ready' status of all team members will be removed should a member of the team quit;
    • 'Friend Rankings' now displays all friends;
  3. UI
    • Optimized interface for server selection, Lobby, Settlement, shortcut to add friends, and top-ups;
  4. Bug Fixes
    • Issue where characters slide when picking up items has been fixed;
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