Rules of Survival
RoS Week 27 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. New Content - Support Droid
    • Added a class gameplay where a player can choose to play the game as a human or support droid in the Fireteam mode of the ranked games. The opening hours are 18:00-22:00, Saturday and Sunday (based on the server time). The capability of a human professional is consistent with what is in the normal ranked games.
    • The "Support Droid" is a robot that provides assistance. It cannot use equipment and items intended for humans. It is also not able to crouch, lie down or drive any vehicle. Its default backpack space is the same as that of the most advanced human backpack. It will gradually restore its HP level over time when nobody attacks it. In addition, it has 1 passive skill and 4 active skills:
      • Passive Skill: Revive. The support droid can revive itself if it is near any random human teammate when it is destroyed. It will be eliminated immediately if all its human teammates have been killed. The time taken for the first revival is 15 seconds. After that, the time taken for each subsequent revival will double until the maximum time of 60 seconds.
      • Active Skill: Teleport. The Support Droid can use Teleport to go to any teammate who has not been killed.
      • Active Skill: Repair. The Support Droid can repair itself to restore its HP.
      • Active Skill: Acceleration. The Support Droid can move quickly in a very short time. During acceleration, it is immune to injury, and when it bumps into any obstacle, it will generate 15 points of AoE damage that can affect both your enemy and yourself.
      • Active Skill: Punch. The Support Droid can deal a small amount of damage and break the windows.
    • The lobby theme, "School Campus", now supports the display of more sports car skins.
    • Moved every item in the item section of the Looks page to the warehouse section.
  2. General Experience
    • Added an iron sight to the third person view. Iron sight can be turned on even when the scope has not been installed.
  3. UI
    • A notification will pop up once a lobby theme has been applied successfully.
    • Optimized the window for the login page. Restrict the number of windows.
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