Rules of Survival
RoS Week 2 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. What’s New:
    • Added a weather system. Each match will now take place under one of the following: Sunny, Foggy, Dusk and Dawn.
    • Added a gold reward system. Players can now get 200 bonus gold upon completion of their first match daily.
    • Changed the login screen, added a cool 3D effect.
    • Added bikes. Bikes are faster than running but slower than machine vehicles, no fuel required. Suitable for medium to long range travel.
  2. Gameplay Optimization & Bug Fix
    • Changed the player limit in Duo and Squad matches to 60 players.
    • Adjusted move speed while shooting. Players will now move slower when firing a weapon while moving.
    • Added fall damage. Players will now take an amount of damage when falling from great heights.
    • Greatly reduced damage received from jumping off a moving vehicle.
    • Slightly increased spawn rate of backpacks and body armor.
    • Optimized vehicle control and handling.
    • Adjusted matching parameters. Improved matching times.
    • Optimized lobby and parachute slowdown.
    • Added left-hand cancel throw function.
    • Optimized movement, position changes, jumping in scope view. Increased open scope speed.
    • Increased the Aim Assist effectiveness distance in scope mode.
    • Added a cancel function for long press to scope mode.
  3. Sounds and Graphics
    • Improved the air-drop effect to allow more players to locate air-drops.
    • Added some sound effects triggered by using certain items.
    • Improved the sound effects of opening and closing doors and footsteps.
    • Improved the dying visual effects.
  4. UI
    • Improved the UI of using throwables to increase accuracy.
    • Improved the logic of real-time audio. Now players must manually enable microphone each time entering the game.
    • Improved the sequence of quick commands. Commonly used commands will be displayed first.
    • Improved the UI of battle results and added details of gold received from the battle.
    • Improved the chat box in the lobby. It is now easier to read.
    • Fixed the quick commands UI and solved the issue that some commands were mistakenly screened out.
    • The Running Locked state is no longer interrupted by jumping or crouching.
    • Improved the way of displaying recommended items on the pick-up list.
    • Changed the avatar of the female instructor in the prep area.
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