Rules of Survival
RoS Week 30 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. New Content
    • Spray paint content added. Players now can purchase sprays from the store and preselect up to 3 sprays at 'Looks - Warehouse - Spray', which are displayed in throwables. Players can tag anything in the game with their pre-selected sprays!
    • The Lobby now supports the display of vehicle skins. The School Campus theme supports the Night Shadow series, while the Fearless Fiord themes support the Phoenix serious (motorcycle).
    • The Mercenary Lobby's UI has been updated and a filter for mercenaries has been added.
    • Monthly offers will be updated after the Jun. 19-20 maintenance (exact time depending on the time zone), it's the last chance to grab the Crimson Viper!
  2. General Experience
    • The max. number of matches displayed in the Journey System has been set to 100.
    • FPS mode now supports the use of the Eye Icon, which allows the player to rotate the camera.
    • Optimized vehicle acoustics.
    • Continued improvement of anti-hack measures.
  3. UI
    • A new option has been added to the Lobby interface, 'MORE'. This option contains multiple game modes, such as Gold Mode, Diamond Mode, and Custom Mode.
    • The links to download FPS DLC and the Fearless Fiord map have been moved to the 'More' interface.
    • The Lobby interface now displays all of the game modes that are not under 'MORE'. Players can now select game mode and then select their preferred map before starting a game.
    • A brief introduction to each game mode has been added. Players now can tap the '?' icon in the top right corner of each game mode to learn more.