Rules of Survival
RoS Week 31 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. New Content
    • Added an item, More Friends Card. Players can buy this from the gift pack page of the Store, and use it to increase the upper limit for friends by 30. Each player can buy up to 10 More Friends Cards;
    • Monthly offers will be updated after maintenance on June, 19-20 (actual dates may vary with time zone). Watch out for the Shadow Panther!
  2. General Experience
    • Terrain Optimization: Improved building aesthetics by optimizing lighting; optimized vegetation aesthetics, and also adjusted the overall density of vegetation. Made significant improvements to the visual effects and cover offered by fields of flowers and of wheat on two maps.
    • Optimized shooting and reloading while leaning in all modes;
    • Sound effects of melee weapons hitting an objects and enemies added;
    • King and Bronze tier players cannot form teams;
  3. UI
    • Optimized and updated the "More Games" icon in the Lobby;
  4. Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the problem where red packets may not be awarded after the player dies or exits the game in team mode;
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