Rules of Survival
RoS Week 3 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. Gameplay
    • Removed friendly fire.
    • Slightly reduced M4A1, AR15 and AKM ranged damage.
    • Slightly reduced the effectiveness of aim assist.
    • Increased blast radius of hand grenades and optimized the throw indicator.
    • Removed handgun shot sound indicator.
    • Adjusted duo and squad points in ranked games, slightly reduced the points received for being among the top survivors and slightly increased points for lower positions.
    • Optimized lobby to reduce lag.
  2. New Features
    • Top-up feature is now available#n (must redownload the game from your app store to activate it). Survivors can top up to buy diamonds. Diamonds can be used to make up the difference when you don't have enough gold. -game purchased gear are purely cosmetic and have no effect on the game's balance.
    • Added two new melee weapons, crowbar and frying pan. Move speed when holding melee weapons is the same as bare hands.
    • Added a new set, Warwolf, to the supply box pool.
  3. Sounds and Graphics
    • Optimized the biycle sound effects.
    • Attacking others no longer triggers pain sound effect, it now only happens when you are attacked.
    • Added action sounds when using meds.
  4. UI
    • Fixed the disabler of 3D-touch. Survivors can enable this function via settings.
    • In the touch screen mode, tapping "Open (the door)" and "Pick up" will not trigger shooting.
    • Added number marks on teammates to assist survivors to identify the location of each teammate.
    • Fixed the problem that battle results didn't display info about teammates that quit midway.
    • Improved the lobby's chat function. Added a cooldown time for sending messages in the lobby.
  5. Bug Fixing
    • Improved some areas where players were easy to get stuck.
    • Fixed that bug that the aim assist was triggered without available firearms.
    • Fixed the bug that rating errors appeared in battle results.
    • Fixed the bug that the 3-story mansion of Echo Valley produced abnormal vision effects.
    • Fixed the bug that some low shrubs may impede players to move.
    • Fixed the bug that a character may have errors after the player canceled throwing a grenade.
    • Adapted Samsung S8's UI and buttons.
    • Fixed the bug that players may see an unknown blocky object when they just got on the plane.
    • Fixed the bug that there were abnormal flashes when players boarded the plane.
    • Fixed the bug that the female character's hair may have some black spots.
  6. 予告
    • お待ちかね!日本語バージョン! (Japanese Version is comming!) 今週中に日本語バージョンを追加したパッチを配布致します。
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