Rules of Survival
RoS Week 5 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. What’s New:
    • Enabled look shard system. Players can convert these shards into new looks. Special event looks can only be obtained via special supply boxes or exchanged with special event shards. Note that duplicate items will automatically be converted into shards.
    • Special Christmas Event
      • Mobilize for Christmas War! During this limited-time event, completed missions will reward gold and clothing, as well as other items.
      • Special holiday supply crates, from which players have a chance to unlock Christmas-themed outfits.
      • Exclusive holiday deal: For the duration of the Christmas event, in-app purchases will reward an increased amount of diamonds.
      • For the event, airplane and death boxes have been changed to reflect the holiday theme.
  2. Gameplay & Optimization
    • While players are in the cargo plane, they will be able to see the number of players still onboard.
    • Adjusted matchmaking rules, increased matchmaking speed.
    • Fixed issue where supply drops fall out of the map, and increased the number of overall drops per match.
    • Corrected an issue where scopes with certain magnifications did not actually magnify sight by its stated multiple. Adjusted the visuals of the 4x scope.
    • Adjusted nighttime weather visibility: It is now easier to view land when parachuting.
    • Added appropriate turning sensitivity adjustments to parachute controls, and upgraded the overall fluidity of the controls.
    • Extended the duration of in-game objective marker to 30 seconds, and made it easier for players to physically track.
  3. Sound Effects
    • When a grenade hits the ground, it will now make a "beep" sound.
    • Strengthened the sound of the music played at the end of a match.
    • Strengthened the sound of the in-game lobby background music.
    • Added a new sound for when a button is pressed in the menu.
  4. UI
    • Added a new team-up channel. Players can use the chat to find other players to join forces with.
    • So as to decrease misunderstandings, the "Invite" menu will now include information on when friends are offline.
    • The end-of-match menu will now include a game mode indicator.
  5. Bug Fixing
    • Fixed a bug where in some cases the sound of treading water could be heard while on the cargo plane.
    • Fixed a bug where when scoping down sights while lying down on a sloped surface, players would glitch through the ground.
    • Fixed a bug where dragging an attachment to an incompatible weapon would cause it to disappear.
    • Fixed a bug where the application would occasionally freeze during the matchmaking process.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes players were unable to login to the application.
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