Rules of Survival
RoS Week 8 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. New Features
    • Added firearm camo feature. Players can change different camos for their firearms under the Looks interface. Firearms picked up in battle will be automatically changed to the set camos. Camos do not influence anything but the look of the firearms.
    • Added a new look, Bunny Girl and two firearm random camo packs to the store.
    • Optimized the Looks interface. Players can now directly spend regular Look Shards, advanced Look Shards or diamonds to purchase looks.
    • Added Token Store feature. Players can share the game daily to gain tokens. Tokens can be used to exchange for gold, limited looks and other items in the store. The Token Store will offer more items in future updates.
    • Added Advanced Supply Box. Players have a chance to gain a special Punk Set via opening advanced supply boxes. Special sets are only obtainable via advanced supply boxes or combining advanced Look Shards.
    • Added a team-up request feature. Players can send team-up requests in the Team Channel to find other players to join forces with.
    • Added Spectate feature in the Battle Result interface. Players can spectate after all team members have been killed.
  2. Gameplay
    • Added special audio cues for zombies.
    • Zombies are now able to gain a wider scope of audio cues.
  3. Audio and Visual Effects
    • Added a new action of bicycle passengers. The passenger on the back sits sideways and hugs the one on the front.
    • Xmas supplies will no longer appear in-game, including Xmas apples, Xmas candies and Xmas hats.
    • Added a sound effect when bullets zip past players.
    • Optimized the sound effects of zombies.
    • Changed the BGM before players parachute onto the battlefield.
  4. UI
    • Improved visual effects of the tactical map.
    • Optimized the display logic of meds. Now the meds displayed will be adjusted according to the player' HP.
    • Details are now displayed after converting duplicate looks.
    • Characters now make random poses when trying on looks in the store.
    • Updated the Share Look feature. Now the picture shared indicates types of the looks (Headwear, top, bottoms, etc.).
    • The remaining validity time of Weekly and Monthly Passes is now displayed.
    • The name of the vehicle is now displayed when a player is killed by a vehicle.
    • Added an exclusive get off icon for boats to distinguish them from land vehicles.
  5. PC Version:
    • Optimized the display distance of grass.
    • The sports drink quick command (0) is now displayed under its icon.
  6. Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the incorrect default graphic settings.
    • Fixed the abnormal sound effects of footprints when players are sprinting when holding firearms.
    • Fixed a bug where red notification dots of expired mail would occasionally be displayed incorrectly.
    • Fixed the bug that the Reindeer Pants may display some black spots.
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