Rules of Survival
RoS Week 9 Update
All Patch Notes

  1. New Features
    • Added national flags. Now players can select flags to represent their nation in the settings.
    • Lean Left and Lean Right. Players can enable Lean in the Operation settings tab and adjust each button's position, size and transparency in the Custom tab.
    • Added Chicken Grenades. Compared to regular grenades, they cause higher damage in a wider scope and have special explosion effects.
    • Added 2 more ways to gain Tokens. Players can earn Tokens via sharing a look (once daily) or ranking first in any mode (once daily).
    • Added new items to the Token Store and improved the Token Store's purchase limit rules.
    • Added Elite Supply Boxes, a new type of supply to obtain advanced looks (including firearm camos). Players can obtain Butler Set pieces via Elite Supply Boxes.
    • A special winter event Down Coat sale is now on. Get great discounts on down coats to keep you warm this winter. On sale for a limited time only.
    • Discount Store now has two tabs: Packs and Looks. Both tabs will have regular updates.
    • Updated advanced supplies. Removed Punk and Dark Rose Sets from the advanced supplies, added Pure Preppy and Plaid Preppy Sets.
  2. Gameplay
    • Added more boat spawn points by the banks of the island.
    • Adjusted seating capacity of some vehicles. SUV and Cars: Increased to 5 players, respectively. Three-wheeler: Increased to 11 players.
    • Increased the throwing distance of throwable items. Fixed the bug that the throwables did not deal damage to vehicles.
    • Optimized the Spectate feature. Now players can spectate the opponents who killed them.
  3. General Experience
    • Increased the time the game runs in your devices background before disconnecting.
    • Fixed various problems caused by Auto Pilot.
  4. Audio and Visual Effects
    • Slightly decreased the definition of cores left by eliminated players.
    • Updated the image of pistol ammo (it used the same image as SMG ammo before).
    • Optimized special effects of the napalm.
  5. UI
    • Added customization options for Backpacks, Meds and Throwables in the Custom settings tab.
    • Optimized the display of teammate markers on the map. Now the number and status markers of teammates are displayed more explicitly.
    • Optimized the Store and Looks interfaces.
    • Increased the limit of friends requests.
    • Optimized the Team-up Request feature.
    • Optimized characters' random poses in the lobby.
  6. PC Version:
    • The third party login function is unfortunately delayed. A secure Account System is critical to a better gaming experience. Thus we would like to spend more time to optimize this function. And we appreciate your patience and understanding.
  7. Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the bug that some players encountered module loading errors and had invisible collisions.
    • Fixed that bug that sometimes bulletproof helmets could not be displayed after players took off their headwear.
    • Fixed the bug that explosion effects of flash grenades would not be blocked by in-game modules.
    • Fixed the bug that some meds were repeatedly displayed in the shortcut of Meds.
    • Fixed the bug that the actual number of some throwables did not decrease after being used.
    • Fixed the bug that the meds being used blocked the sight of scope.
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