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Keep in mind that these policies are ultimately guidelines. If it's found that a policy restricts something that the reason the policy was created didn't intend to restrict, then the policy should be changed.

Deletion, on Rules of Survival Wiki, occurs when content on this wiki goes against our rules and policies. Deletion can only be done by an admin. Despite this, users can mark content for deletion to get an admin's attention. To do so, one must place the {{Delete}} tag. These are the guidelines for doing so.

Deletion Guidelines

  • Spam, anything such as blatant advertising, pages of random text, or user pages created by other users.
  • Content which does not conform specific policies such as (though not limited to):
  • Pages containing only plagiarised content (if it is just a section of the page that is plagiarised it may simply be removed).
  • Automatic deletion is only reserved for the most severe cases. Otherwise, content deletion must be a unanimous decision by the admins.

Warning: Do NOT mark an article for deletion just because you dislike it. Doing so is grounds for an auto-block.

Marked for Deletion

  • If your article is marked for deletion do not remove the deletion tag.
  • Discuss the article's deletion on its talk page.
  • An article's deletion must be the unanimous decision of the admins.

Blanking Articles

"Blanking" a page means that you've replaced the text on a page with either nothing or just a few words.

Do. Not. Do it.

If you want your articles deleted, request it from a admin. Blanking will be considered vandalism and will result in an auto-block.


Violations of this policy are punishable. The following method should be followed for carrying out these consequences;

  • First offense: Warning
  • Second offense: 3 day block
  • Third offense: 1 week block
  • Fourth offense: 1 month block
  • Fifth offense: Permanent block

An auto-block can be given out if the following circumstances occur;

  • If a user is found to have marked an article for deletion out of spite, ill will, or simply dislike of the article.
  • If a user is caught blanking articles.
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