Desert Eagle
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Shotguns are powerful weapons best used for close range combats due to its powerful and decent damage. Common shotguns cannot be attached with scopes and magazines but may be equipped with a choke and a bullet loop. On the other hand, the AA12 cannot be equipped with these attachments but may be used along with rifle magazines for extra bullets and quick-draw reloading.

Shotgun List

Image Name Damage Mode(s) Attachment(s) Ammunition
M870 M870 12-20 Auto 2 SG Ammo
M1887 M1887 25 Auto 2 SG Ammo
AA12 AA12 15-22 Auto 1 SG Ammo
SAIGA-12 SAIGA-12 N/A Auto N/A SG Ammo
WRO WRO N/A Auto N/A SG Ammo
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