Desert Eagle
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Sniper Rifles are powerful medium-to-long-range weapons in Rules of Survival. Some of these rifles can be found everywhere but some cannot be looted anywhere other than from crate packages. They use the SR Ammo for ammunition. Attachments may vary in each guns, including powerful scopes and cheek pads to enable better accuracy in long range shots.

Sniper Rifle List

Image Name Damage Mode(s) Attachment(s) Ammunition
SVD SVD 33 Single & Auto 3 SR Ammo
AWM AWM 84 Single & Auto 4 SR Ammo
QBU88 QBU88 N/A Single & Auto N/A SR Ammo
AS VAL AS VAL N/A Single & Auto 2 SR Ammo
M110 M110 N/A Single & Auto 4 SR Ammo
BARRETT BARRETT 100+ Single & Auto 4 SR Ammo
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